Naughty Floss, quite simply the best candy floss ever! Imagine all the magic of the classic treat, Without any of the Nasties.
Made with the finest quality ingredients, it's All Natural, Vegan, Allergen Free, & under 100 calories per portion. Our Hand Crafted Naughty Floss comes in an amazing range of All Natural flavours, which are not only delicious, but seriously fun!

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You can find Naughty Floss in our vintage caravans at Dreamland Margate! Keep an eye on our social media for pop-ups, cameos and festivals

Retail Stockists

You can currently find Naughty Floss at Whitefriars Food & Craft Market Canterbury, Kent. Online shop and new stockists to be announced soon! Contact us for wholesale enquiries

Naughty Toppings

Get even Naughtier, from rose petals to popping candy, cookie crumb to matcha tea, there is a naughty topping to excite everyone!

Terms and Conditions

  • Deposit Fee: To reserve your date we require a signed contract and a £100 deposit. Your deposit will be credited towards your final invoice.

  • Payment: Full payment is required before the day of your event.

  • Cancellation Policy: For a full refund of your deposit, reservations must be cancelled 14 days ​or more prior to your event.

  • Flavours: Select seasonal flavours and toppers need to be ordered up to 3 weeks in advance of event. The more time we have to prepare will ensure that we're able to offer you exactly what you want.

  • Travel Costs:  Additional fees may apply for events further than 20 miles from Ramsgate, Kent.


Banana Split ~ Salted Caramel ~ Bubblegum ~ The Hawaiian ~ Naughtella ~ Cookies & Cream ~ Cola Fizz ~ Pink Vanilla Pop ~ Watermelon Cooler ~ Strawberry Sparkle ~ Apple Pie ~ Earl Grey ~ Chai-Matcha ~ Raspberry Ripple ~ Lychee & Rose ~ Chocolate Peanut Butter


Naughty Floss is a family run business which was born out of a passion to bring Candy Floss into the 21st Century.  We wanted to create a treat which could be enjoyed by all without the need to warn of any adverse reactions in children!

So off we went into "Gail", our 1962 vintage caravan candy floss lab, on a mission to reinvent this magical confection into something Naughty, Not Nasty.

Naughty Floss is Hand Crafted using only 100% organic cane sugar, it's light and fluffy and melts in the mouth without any gritty texture or synthetic tastes, in fact a lot of our flavours are even crammed full of antioxidants, would you believe it?!

What's even more exciting is it comes in a range of Awesome All Natural Flavours Guaranteed to delight your inner child.

Where better to get Naughty than in Margate?   So pop along to see us soon at Dreamland; make some great memories and try the best candy floss ever!



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